Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simple Stories #3

Here's another short one: So a couple weeks ago, my girlfriend and I purchased a bunch of sunflower seeds for a dollar. We planted a few in the pot we were provided, and the rest in my background. The ones in the pot grew very quickly, while most of the ones in the back didn't grow at all. Then, on an unfortunate number of days, turbulent weather conditions killed the ones we had placed in the pot. We were pretty downtrodden, but as luck would have it, the slow growers in the back were finally sprouting. Unfortunately, only one survived out of the entire batch. However, that one sprout was incredibly persistent, and has managed to at least get this far (see picture) in spite of absurd weather and practically nutrient-less soil. Seeing it always brightens my mood a bit, being the one sprout that refused to die.

It's the simple things~

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